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Our Mission

The Harambee Radio and Television Network will be your lifetime media partner. You have our word on that.


Our network's mission is to continually improve the quality of life for the people we serve in collaboration with our diverse communities in a respectful, caring, and culturally sensitive manner.

The global goal of this network is to enlighten and help insure the optimum progress for the mind, body and soul. The Harambee Radio and Television Network will feature explosive commentary from the most respected Activist from all over the world. We recognized the need for diversity in our programming.

The station will have the best recorded music and live musical guest on for interviews. We will spotlight the well known and even encourage the unknown to come on and express the best they have to offer.


Our network's vision is to be one of the universal providers of informational choices for educational and cultural progress.

Service Excellence

We at The Harambee Network are committed to providing superior education and optimal care in a respectful and timely manner, delivered by competent and caring staff who are equally committed to effective outcomes and continuous human improvement.


Integrity demonstrated in all relationships, is the cornerstone by which we operate, including the commitment to honor the principles upon which our network's mission is built. We undertake and conduct all relationships based on trust, honesty, and accountability as a network and as individual staff members.


We are committed to building progressive partnerships in our communities, working with individuals and organizations that share common values.

Community focus

We recognize that communities are unique, and are valued resources that contribute to the design, development and success of a quality and progressive community.

Progressive Adaptability

We are catalysts for continuous progress and improvement, while recognizing and embracing the need to be responsive to the communities. Our response is to have staff that will consist of people from all over the Diaspora.

Effective use of economic resources

We are dedicated to managing and maximizing available resources to provide the highest quality services in the most cost effective manner while maintaining the economic well-being of the network.

Dalani Aamon- CEO & Founder

Harambee Radio & TV Network May 1 2004

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Dalani Aamon

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